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'Blaster Beam' (Craig Huxley)

"Blaster Beam" (Craig Huxley)

Kitaro's Beam

Kitaro's Beam






The "Beam" was invented in the beginning of the 1970ths by the American John Lazelle. The instrument itself is a very long metal frame with long strings and movable guitar pickups at one end. The player plugs or hits the strings with fingers, hands, sticks or metal pipes. The sound is very dark. The most famous version of the "Beam" could be the aluminum frame version by Craig Huxley. With this the "voice" of "Vejur" in the movie and soundtrack of "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" was created. It was also used in other movies (e.g. "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan", "The Black Hole", "2010", "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones", etc.).
It is not known who created the version that is used by Kitaro.

Usage in Kitaro's music:

Kitaro uses the "Beam" for a dark, bass-like sound. You can see it in action on the DVD Tamayura in the song "Beam Wave" or on the DVD Live in Yakushiji in the song "Wa". The "Beam" was also used in the European Tour 1998 (the grey metalframe).

To hear on which album or to see on which DVD?