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Roland System 700 & MC-8

Roland System 700


Roland MC 8


Roland Corp.


System 700: 1976 - 1982
MC-8 Micro Composer: 1977


The "System 700" was the first and most elaborate module system ever built by a japanese company. 47 different modules were available for this system. Besides to the full system you could get smaller systems with less modules. The "System 700" was a direct rival to other module systems, like the "Moog Modular" or "ARP 2500". Even today a full system can reach a very high price up to several thousands of Euro.
The "MC-8" was the first digital sequencer with a microprocessor for sale. Worldwide only 200 instruments were sold, maybe because of the high price of $8.000. The sequencer was mainly developed for big systems like the Roland "System 700". In this combination it was used here, that's why I put both together on this page.

Usage in Kitaro's music:

Engineered and played in the concert In Person Digital by Atsushi Kaji. A usage on other albums by Kitaro is unknown to me.

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