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Korg 700S
Korg 700S

Korg 700S


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The "Minikorg 700S" is the successor of the "Minikorg 700", a nearly the same looking machine with less capabilities. It was something like the japanese answer to the Minimoog by Moog, but had never the same success. It has 37 keys and is seldomly offered on the second-hand market.

Usage in Kitaro's music:

This little machine is the heart of Kitaro's music. Its bright sound is part of so many songs, esp. the older ones. In the concerts it is built up always together with the Maxikorg 800DV.
Here is an excerpt (WMA-File, 570 KB). It is the beginning of "Silk Road" from the album Live in America. Kitaro plays the main melody with the Korg 700S. The choir in the background is from another synthesizer, this "glittering sound" in the foreground is made with a "rainstick".

Kitaro uses the synthesizer very often. I think it is used in nearly every Kitaro album, even some of the listings here are speculations. But the problem is that most booklets don't give enough information.

To hear on which album or to see on which DVD?

I think Kitaro used this synthesizer on every album he recorded.